Thursday, 12 March 2009

More on Casting


I've put ads on viva for actors
I've spoken to Jane manning at World Jungle 07878865297 who has a network of performers
emailed details to Old Vic, The Perian Centre, and left a message with Letish Ishmael who is in the centre of the Somali community.
I've also emaile details to the Somali Media Group and will now speak to Dina at City Council

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Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Somali Life

Here's a link to the Somali Life Post

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Monday, 9 March 2009

Character Breakdowns for Casting Calls

‘Dhag Dheer’

Dhag Dheer is an evil, mythic witch who loves to eat children.

Dhag Dheer has lived in the imagination of generations of East African families. Traditionally passed down by word of mouth, this is the first Somali story to be translated for the screen.

Dhag Dheer was written by and is being produced, shot, edited & marketed by the students at the City Academy, Bristol (in association with Integrate Bristol).

We have a professional crew facilitating all areas of the production and a professional screenwriter facilitated the writing of the screenplay.

Although this is a funded project we have no money available to pay actors (I am sorry) but the film will be released and shown at many film festivals because of its originality and the positive effects the film making process has had on the lives of the students involved.

Dhag Dheer
An evil witch who loves to eat children. Masquerading as a kind helpful old lady, Dhag Dheer quickly lets her true colours shine when she chases after a loving mother and her child. She is old and ugly; the character would usually be a woman but we feel that a man may bring an extra layer to the story.

A successful businessman who has a loving wife but falls in lust with another woman. After he takes her as a second wife, his first runs away with his only child. Realising that the second wife is only interested in his money he must find his first wife and child to regain his inner peace.

After being relegated to second wife when her husband takes on another woman, Qutabai decides to run away with her son. After only one night away from home they find themselves in the evil clutches of the wicked child-eating Dhag Dheer

A young boy who runs away from an unhappy home with his mother only to find themselves in the evil clutches of the wicked Dhag Dheer

The Casting Flyer

Actors Wanted for a short film to be shot in Bristol

Have you ever wanted to be an actor? Now is your chance!

‘Dhag Dheer’

Dhag Dheer is the story of an evil, mythic witch who loves to eat children.

Written and produced by the students at the Bristol City Academy (in association with Integrate), Dhag Dheer is the first Somali story to be translated for the screen.
Characters required-

Dhag Dheer- an evil mythical character in Somali Folklore

Mustapha- about 40 years old, a successful businessman

Qutabai- about 35 years old- a loving wife and mother

Khalif- a Mustapha and Qutabai’s nine year old son

Dhag Dheer will be filmed by a supportive and professional film crew.
No experience necessary
Shoot dates- 12th-19th April 2009
Auditions are on 14th March 2009 from 10.30 am. at Bristol City Academy, Russell Town Avenue BS5 9JH.
Please register your interest by emailing with your contact details and a photograph. This is a fantastic opportunity to be involved in a short film we look forward to your applications.

The Casting Team


So the session went really well on Saturday. I think the students were really inspired to go out and find some actors, however time is short and we didn't really have enough time to scratch the surface. I've spent the morning getting emails off to various websites; Talent Circle, Star Call, Mandy. (Does anyone have a shootong people account i could use as I can't contact Ollie?) and people who might be able to help.

On Saturday we set up a gmail account
Password= dhagdheer sorry, not very imaginative!

The girls were going to leaflet the local community centres in Easton and St. Paul's. I hope that they get some response.

I have emailed a Drama Tutor at UWE who said that he knew a Somali actor- I asked him to forward the casting call on to him and then anyone else that he thought might be interested. I also forwarded the script- thanks for that everyone.

Also I have put posts on a couple of random Somali websites. This may not bear fruit now but it may sow a seed of interest after the edit; you never know, this Internet thing is pretty big!

As some of you might know, the restaurant that I work in is about to go under due to the global economic situation. This leaves me with little income and so I'm having to step back a little from the project so that I can focus on my economic situation.
Having said that I hope to successfuly finish the job of casting this fantastic project.

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Friday, 6 March 2009

Dhag Dheer's House

Production Meeting 5/3/09

Location: Leah and Oli's house
Present: Leah, Oli, Mike

Storyboarding Session
- 11-1 with a 1/2 lunch break. Then 1:30-3:30
- The students will be watching Wall-E as an example
- Mike to print storyboard templates at the Academy
- Leah to email Mike photos from the locations trip

Production Management Session
- Can Abdi come to breif us on locations?
- Handouts for student on a guide to Production Management
- Compose a letter to the Bristol City Council at Blaise House and ask permission to use the Rustic Cottage.
- Leah to get examples of release forms from Available Light
- Discuss Risk Assesments and ask Lisa if there is a standard form from BCA
- Research templates for shooting schedules

- Will there be a Locations meeting this Saturday???
- Locations and Production Managers to source exterior locations.
- Interiors to be filmed at Leah and Oli's (if nothing else can be found)
- Research locations where we can have a campfire.

- Phil to run Casting Workshop Saturday
- Auditions to be scheduled ASAP

Adgenda for the next Production Meeting, Saturday 1:00-1:30
- Transport to locations
- Bringing another Production Manager on board if Phil needs to step back.
- Costumes
- Props
- Will Tony be available during shooting?
- Marketing
- Set design